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Web design explained.

1194 Creative is all about simplicity, efficiency and providing an amazing service. This means that from start to finish, the entire journey will be seamless and stress free. You will also get to understand how we do things professionally, and how and why we offer such a great service. We help you learn and understand your website and why we do the things the way we do.. The proper way. Just so you understand that you aren't getting a cheap service, and you really feel like you can trust our knowledge, experience and judgement. We look after our customers the exact way we expect to be looked after with a service, remember we are working entirely with you, and not against you. 

We now offer ecommerce store management training that is available to purchase. This is a great way of being able to learn and experience managing and updating your own store dashboard. Editing the store/website design and layout will be restricted. This will only tell you and guide you how to update products, add products and manage inventory and fulfilment. 


After consultation, please email over all of the content you would like on your store including all images, logos, videos, links etc.. The more information we receive off of you, the better the website will be. Leave the creative juices down to us, but the more accurate you can be with your content the better everything will flow.

Consultation & Payment.


Firstly, we simply just have a chat about with you about what is it you are looking for out of your website. Why do you need a website? Why do you want a website? What are your goals as a business, what is it you want to achieve?

We simply ask these questions, just so we get a better understanding about what your goal is. Upon discussions, we will direct you to our website and talk you through our plans that we offer. From answering the above questions, this would give us an instant understanding as to what website tier would be best appropriate for you. We would never sell you a service if we think it isn't appropriate for your business or budget. If anything, we would direct you to the Branding Packages that we offer, to see if there is any way we can save you some money, whilst gaining more services.

We would then draw a quotation up and email this over to you. With this, we will always go over the additional costs that are involved within website design, like hosting, adding pages, adding content and buying your domain. Once you know about all of this and you are happy to go ahead with the quote, we will also send over an invoice which is to be paid as soon as possible. We cannot start any work before payment has been received.

Once payment has been made via BACs for your Web Design service, and the payment has gone through for your Hosting Licence, you will receive 2 payment receipts, which are both dated and ready for you to file. The Web Design service payment will be paid directly to 1194 Creative, and the Hosting Licence will be paid to our hosting platform. The receipt for your hosting licence payment will be different from our one as we are separate companies.


So we have had a chat, the invoice is paid.. So, what's next?

We will discuss with you, what pages you would like to have on your website and what you want the main focus point to be on your homepage. The use of FAQs, contact forms and maps are very important to have on your website too, so we will ask you to have all of this information ready for us. We will design the website how we would think it works best, but we cannot be solely responsible for the content that gets put on it. You are completely in control and in charge of the information that is input on the website.


The logistics stage is crucial... This is the stage as to when you should have all of your content and imagery ready. Whether this is for your products or just for the main content to go on your website. You don't need to send everything over at once... Just make sure you have it ready for us when we ask for it. The best way of getting information over to us is through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or email. We will simply just ask you for the information that we need, as we work page by page, it is better for us to receive information as and when we are ready for it.

Design | Proofing | Amend.

The design of your website will be purely down to your dedicated web designer, along with input from yourself if requested. All design work will follow a strict theme that coincides with your brand. The design time of your website will be stated on the Web Design page, under what tier you have chosen. The design element of the website gets produced in two stages, the first stage being your desktop version and the second stage being your mobile and tablet optimised version.


Once the design of the website is finished, we will proof and check over the website ourselves across 4 devices. This being an android phone, an iPhone, an Apple iMac and a laptop, this is so we are confident that your website will display properly on all screen types and sizes. Once we are happy with the work we have done, we will send you a private website link to your new website. This is where you need to go over everything with a find comb and make sure all information is correct and you are happy with the work we have done. When we proof the website over to you, please let us know if you would like us to make any changes or you want to move anything around. If you are happy with your website and you are happy to sign off on the design element, we will get your hosting license connected and your domain. 


Your Hosting License will connect immediately and allow us to put your website on the internet. But before this, we need to make sure that your domain has successfully transferred over from 123reg or your other domain provider. This can take up to 48 hours for your domain to become active and connect to your website. Once this is connected, we will fully connect your website to the internet and you will be good to go.

Additional Costs & Services.



So, what are you going to call your website? Your Website URL (Domain) www.example.com - This will be paid by yourself on www.123reg.com. This website from experience is the easiest to deal with in terms of URL availability and connection speed for your website. We will do all the leg work for you on this, we will help you and find the most suitable website URL unless you already have one in mind! The costs for the URL's are not a lot of money at all, depending on the popularity of your website name. These are charged yearly normally and are around £10 on average.


We will help you with this from start to finish! If you already have a website, and you already own an URL... Then you will need to provide to us the login information of the website you bought the domain from as we will need to access the technical bits of your domain to disconnect it from your old website, to your new one!


We offer FREE content and imagery updates as and when you need to, just as long as they take less than an hour to sort out, anything over an hour this will cost you £40.00 per hour. Just simply contact us and we will sort out everything you need. Please let us know in advance if you can, as we will need to schedule any additional work into our diaries and give you a cost depending on how long we think it would take to make any additional changes.


Please note, not all changes are going to be done immediately. There will be times where we are not in our offices to be able to access your website. Please allow up to 24/48 hours for any changes to be made.

Ecommerce Management.

For Ecommerce websites, we charge a one off fee of £50.00 where we can professionally train and teach you in how to manage your own website and back office. The reason why we train you to do this yourselves as we cannot and do not have the time to be managing everyone stores for them, due to how busy we are on a daily basis. Of course, we will always offer help and support where needed... But our amazing hands on training will get you on your own way to being able to managing your own store on your own.


The reason why we also offer this training is because ecommerce websites have constant updates for stock levels, product and imagery updates, order fulfilment, shipping and much more. With immediate changes to stores, and how frequent the changes are, we know that it will be quicker and easier for you to manage this yourself.


Adding Pages.

Please be aware that once the website has been made we cannot in a future date add any extra pages free of charge for non store websites. There will be an additional cost of £60 per additional page. You will own the website, but we will control and own the data including the website platform login details. Any amendments to the website will only be made by ourselves and no other. This is due to our brand not being made accountable for anything going wrong if an untrained web designer accidentally disturbs the site.