Web design explained.

Here at 1194 Creative we are all about simplicity, efficiency and providing an amazing service. This means that from start to finish, the entire journey will be seamless and stress free. You will also get to understand how we do things professionally, and how and why we offer such a great service. We help you learn and understand your website and why we do the things the way we do.. The proper way. Just so you understand that you aren't getting a cheap service, and you really feel like you can trust our knowledge, experience and judgement. We look after our customers the exact way we expect to be looked after with a service, remember we are working entirely with you, and not against you. 

We now offer ecommerce store management guides that are available to purchase. This is a great way of being able to learn and experience managing and updating your own store dashboard. Editing the store/website design and layout will be restricted. This will only tell you and guide you how to update products, add products and manage inventory and fulfilment. 


After consultation, please email over all of the content you would like on your store including all images, logos, videos, links etc.. The more information we receive off of you, the better the website will be. Leave the creative juices down to us, but the more accurate you can be with your content the better everything will flow.


Firstly, thank you for reaching out! 


We are thrilled that you are ready to enter the world of website development and design, this will really help your brand identity and business overall. Creating a visual masterpiece that will grasp everyones attention and hopefully bring you in more custom.


So how it works.. We will discuss with you various packages that we offer to every business.. We will always offer what we believe to be the best package for your business and for your needs. Due to our many years of knowledge and experience, we will always guide you to what we feel is best fit for your needs, we will never overprice or miss sell any of our products. Once we discuss this with you over the phone or via email and we have agreed to go for a certain package, we will start putting a quote together and send over a quotation and consultation form together. The form, is really an email.. this will just highlight everything that we will need from you, and we make sure you fully understand the process, the costs involved and the management of the website.


The Consultation form (email) is very easy to follow and understand, this will just clarify and outline the content and pages on your website, how we build them and anything else we may need from you. For us, it is easier if general communications are done via WhatsApp, as we can respond much quicker and everything is in one chat thread other than loads of emails. All images are to be sent via email please, as this is easier for us to access and use for your website.


Once you have chosen what package you would like from the Web Design page of our website, we will send you over a quote via email with a clear viewing of the costs and time involved in producing your website. Please carefully read through, and let us know once you have accepted the quote.


Once you have accepted our quotation, we will send on a separate email your Web Design Invoice (which is the price displayed on the Web Design page of our website) and your Hosting Invoice, which both need to be paid ASAP. The payment for the Web Design service needs to be paid via BACs as a one off payment. The Hosting Licence prices are displayed on the Web Design page of this website... If you are paying for this monthly or yearly - we will require you to inform us of your card details as we pay this directly onto our Website Platform and you will be charged for your licence monthly or yearly depending on what one you would like to go for. All personal information like card or banking details, and your own personal details are not kept with us, or on our system for security purposes.

So, what are you going to call your website? Your Website URL (Domain) www.example.com - This will be paid by yourself on www.123reg.com. This website from experience is the easiest to deal with in terms of URL availability and connection speed for your website. We will do all the leg work for you on this, we will help you and find the most suitable website URL unless you already have one in mind! The costs for the URL's are not a lot of money at all, depending on the popularity of your website name. These are charged yearly normally and are around £10 on average. We will help you with this from start to finish! If you already have a website, and you already own an URL... Then you will need to provide to us the login information of the website you bought the domain from as we will need to access the technical bits of your domain to disconnect it from your old website, to your new one!



Once payment has been made via BACs for your Web Design service, and the payment has gone through for your Hosting Licence, you will receive 2 payment receipts, which are both dated and ready for you to file. The Web Design service payment will be paid directly to 1194 Creative, and the Hosting Licence will be paid to our hosting platform. The receipt for your hosting licence payment will be different from our one as we are separate companies.




In terms of building the actual website, this can take anything from 1 week to 1 month to complete, depending on the complexity of your website. All of the information regarding timings will be on your Consultation Form and Quote.

Once you Email or WhatsApp over to us all of your logos, imagery and content... Leave everything else up to us! We will always remain in contact with you to give you updates and previews of your website. If you would like to see constant updates, we can provide you with a website link so you can see live updates as and when they happen!

Once the website has been built and you are happy, before connecting this to the internet and making this live.. We will take an additional 2/3 days to complete the mobile version of your website. We do this after building your main website, as it is quicker for us to design your main website first and finish touching up any last minute amendments. Then once you are completely happy, we will then make a start on your simplified device version. Did you know 75% of website views come from a device, and not a desktop or laptop? It is extremely important to have a simplified and easier to navigate version of your website so people can view your website easier on their devices.



We offer FREE content and imagery updates as and when you need to. Just simply contact us and we will sort out everything you need. Please let us know in advance if you can, as we will need to schedule any additional work into our diaries. Please note, not all changes are going to be done immediately. There will be times where we are not in our offices to be able to access your website. Please allow up to 24/48 hours for any changes to be made.

For Ecommerce websites, we charge a monthly website management fee, price depending on what package you opt in for. This is explained on the Web Design page of our website. This is due to Ecommerce websites having constant updates for stock levels, product and imagery updates, order fulfilment, shipping and much more. With immediate changes to stores, and how frequent the changes are, we will charge a monthly fee to manage your stores for you.

We do offer a Self Management Ecommerce Guide, which will train and teach you the ways of running and managing your own store. This will avoid having to pay out monthly for us to update your store for you, and this is a much more cost effective way of managing your store. The costs of this will be discussed at the beginning of the quotation, and is already displayed on our Web Design page.


Please be aware that once the website has been made we cannot in a future date add any extra pages free of charge for non store websites. There will be an additional cost of £60 per additional page (depending on how complex the content is). You will own the website, but we will control and own the data including the website platform login details. Any amendments to the website will only be made by ourselves and no other. This is due to our brand not being made accountable for anything going wrong if an untrained web designer accidentally disturbs the site.