Logo design explained.

Here at 1194 Creative we are all about simplicity, efficiency and providing an amazing service. This means that from start to finish, the entire journey will be seamless and stress free! You will also get to understand how we do things professionally, and how and why we offer such a great service. We help you learn and understand your logos and why we do the things the way we do.. The proper way. Just so you understand that you aren't getting a cheap service, and you really feel like you can trust our knowledge, experience and judgement. 

We only create vector graphics for our logos, this is because with a vector graphic/logo you can scale this to any size imaginable and it would not lose any aspect of its quality what so ever. This creates not only a crisp look at any size, but this is the industry standard for logo design. If you really wanted a texture or a background image then that is still fine, but we will pick one that best works for your logo and brand.


We create your Master Logo in a black, white and coloured version, and you also get a free "Social Emblem". If you have or want just a black logo, you will only receive a black version and a white version, and if you wanted to add a coloured version at a later date then we can do this free of charge.


Social media profiles now have circular profile images which means if your logo isn't already circular, we will create you a circular version of your logo so this fits perfectly in your Social Media profile pictures. We say "Emblem" because we normally abbreviate your logo into initials, or create a letter/number or symbol based emblem. As this will act as your logo emblem, this can be different from your main logo. 



Once we design your logo, we will send you your very own Logo Pack in PDF format which is very easy to view and read. The Logo Pack will contain your logos that we have designed for you, depending on what package you chose from on the Logo Design page of our website, depends on how many logos we will send over. Each logo will have a 'watermark' across it and the logos will be 'flattened' which means they cannot be edited and potentially 'stolen' your end (we do this for security purposes). If you want to make any amendments depending what package you chose, we will amend for you and send over the Logo Pack again (via email or We Transfer) until you are happy with what you have received.



Once you are happy and you have selected your very own logo, we will send over a ZIP folder containing your logo via email or a file transfer service called 'We Transfer' (this is incase the file we are sending you is too big to send via email). To access your logos simply double click the ZIP folder that we send to you to open your logo (check your download folder if you cannot see this ZIP folder). If you cannot do this, please let us know and we will send you the files individually.




This ZIP folder of your logo contains Three folders for your logo.. One will be your logo in black, one will be your logo in white and one will be your logo in colour (if this is applicable).


MAIN LOGO | Black - White - Colour

SOCIAL EMBLEM | Black - White - Colour


This is an example of the folder you will receive with your logos in. This example is based on a MAC, not a PC... Your PC view will be very similar to this example.


As you will see, you will have 3 clearly labelled folders called, Black, White and Colour (you will only have a colour folder if you have a coloured logo) and you will see the Logo Pack at the bottom (this contains all of your logos). You will only ever really need to use the PDF and PNG files for your logos... But seeing as you have purchased a design pack, we will give you all of the different file types seeing as you own your logo.






In each of the folders stated above, they will contain the same logo but saved in the different file formats: PDF / PNG / JPEG / EPS. This means that you will have 4 files in each of the three folders. The file formats are explained below:


portable document format

PDF is the most used, most popular file type within the industry and probably the world. This is the most common way to view, send, print and open a file and has been an industry standard file type since the early 90's. This is an editable file type which means with an illustration editing programme you are able to edit the logo providing you have permissions. This is the original file type used when creating your logo, this file type means that you can scale your logo to any size imaginable and this will not lose its quality as your logo has been produced as a Vector file, not a Pixel file.


portable network graphics

A PNG file is mostly used for web and design. This will commonly have a transparent background if you was to overlay your logo onto something else. This logo has been 'flattened' which means the image is no longer vector and cannot be edited in any way and cannot also be scaled without losing its original quality. 


encapsulated post script

An EPS file, is a vector format designed for printing to PostScript printers and imagesetters. It is considered the best choice of graphics format for high resolution printing of illustrations. EPS files are created and edited in illustration programs. This is an editable file type which means with an illustration editing programme you are able to edit the logo, and this file type remains vector and scaleable. You wouldn't again use this file type for your logo normally, stick to PDF and PNG. This file type has very similar attributes to a PDF file type.


joint photographic

experts group

A JPEG file type acts as an 'image' of a file. This file type is commonly used with photographs or images in general. In terms of your logo, using this file type will mean the file has been 'flattened' into a photograph. Meaning that the logo now has turned into 'pixels' which means you cannot scale this up into a large size as the logo will be very low resolution. This also means that your logo no longer has a transparent background, meaning there will be a white box behind your logo. Do not use this if you are overlaying your logo onto something. You wouldn't normally use this file type for your logo.


Cool, so you have approved your logo from the mock up pack we first sent you, we have created your main and social logos and have sent them to you all in a ZIP folder. You have opened the ZIP folder by double clicking, and your logo folder appears! You can have a little scroll through and familiarise yourself with your logos that are in your folders... Please try not to delete or lose these files. We carry back ups anyway just in case...