Who is 1194CREATIVE?

We are a small team of creatives, visionaries, human beings. Yes, human beings.

Being in the industry for over ten years, we have seen the bad, the ugly and the down right crazy with customer service. Money hungry sales people, unrealistic promises and deadlines, demanding attitudes and over priced services and products. Nope. We're not about that.


We understand how the industry works, and we understand how people work. We say, human beings? Huh? Meaning that we understand how people work, how the world works and how money works. We are not an unrealistic brand, we are a brand who is always there for our clients no matter what the request. By pricing our services reasonably and affordable but also competitively, and always being straight up and real with our customers.. This we believe creates a much better experience for our clients as they always know where they stand, they are always updated and always in the loop of things when we do work here.

We are all from a background of creatives, being within a creative family line, to now having our own creative line. From being motion graphic designers, from film editors and graphic designers, to now joining up in this incredible team. The 1194creative family, we're not only diverse, but versatile, skilled and all have the most amazing work ethics. From excellent talent that we have in house, we can confidently cover a large variety of services, presenting the best customer service and work for our clients.


Created in London, digitally serving the World.

Creative Juices

To stand out, you need substance. 

To stand out, you need to be creative.

We work with forward-thinking brands, from start-ups, global brands and those in-between to create stunning, impactful and inspiring brand experiences. Transforming brands, building relationships, working with our clients to activate their audience and to evolve their identity within their market. With our extremely versatile skillsets, we love to push our abilities to create stunning visuals and to really get behind your brand and bring your identity to life.

We are a creative branding company who always puts our clients at the heart of our business. To be there for our clients from start to finish is imperative to us. With years and years of experience within graphic design, customer experience, small and large format print and web design, we are here to help you with all of your creative needs.

Being a personable brand, we love to get to create great relationships with all of our clients and get to understand everything about our clients businesses. This is so we have the best understanding of your company, culture and how you work.

In a creative world full of jargon, we love to keep things here, simple.