1194 Creative is a creative design company based in Dartford, Kent.


Specialising in multiple fields such as, website design and development, graphic design, vehicle wraps & graphics and more. We are a small team of creatives, visionaries and design bods who love making positive impacts to a businesses branding to help boost results and visibility within their industries.

Being in the industry for a long time, we have seen the bad, the ugly and the downright crazy with customer service and care. We don't stand for that here, providing top quality customer service is at the heart of our business. Being a personable company, we love the informal approach in creating fantastic relationships and trust with our clients.


Our aim is to get to know you and your brand, so we grasp a better understanding of your business and the way you would like to present it. We aren't the typical money hungry sales company, all of our services are priced fairly, honestly and properly. Which means, you know that you are paying for a top professional service without having to break the bank. We also offer daily updates on every job that we carry out, this we believe creates a much better experience for our clients as they always know where they stand and that they are always kept in the loop of things.


We understand how the industry works, and we know how demand works. We understand clients trust and loyalty and how budgeting and importance works. We are not an unrealistic brand, we are a brand who is always there for our clients no matter what the request. We are from a background of creatives, being within a creative family line, to now having our own creative line. From a background within motion graphic design, clothing design, film editing and graphic design, to now branching out to website development and branding... The 1194 Creative family are versatile, skilled and all have the most amazing work ethics and a hunger to watch our clients succeed and grow in confidence with the help of our design work.

In a creative world full of jargon, we love to keep things here, simple.



Image by Peter Olexa



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