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Oliver Lidbury

"1194 Creative is a creative design company specialising in multiple fields such as, website design and development, graphic design, vehicle wraps & graphics and more. All of our creative design services are tailored to your brand and goal. Everything we do here is built purely from scratch, making everything we produce, entirely your own and not copied from someone else.

With many years of experience within the creative world, we understand demand, cost and quality. Also, priding ourselves on keeping things personal, easy to understand and keeping all of our customers at the heart of our business.

Whether you have a brand or not, or you're just starting up, or you're struggling to catch people's attention, or you're lacking in sales due to having a weak brand... We have a solution that can help, no matter what the issue.


Due to lazy branding, we come across a lot of 'bland brands', which do not stand out and are completely lost within their market and competition. Don't let this be one of yours, let us re-build or build your brand from the floor up. Get in control of your company branding again and watch your visibility and attraction increase."

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Would you feel more comfortable going to one company where you can have all of your company branding set up, all your marketing material designed, your advertising, logo, website and social media pages designed? Oh and also having your vehicles sign written and your uniform and workwear supplied directly to your door?


Our aim is to be your 'go to' company for all of your design and branding work, as we can help you from the very start to finish on everything relating to your brand.

logo design

graphic design 

marketing material 

large format print

website design & development

vehicle wraps  & signwriting

workwear & uniforms

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Based in Kent, United Kingdom.


Founded in 2015, re-established in 2019.

Do More. We thrive on helping create success for our clients and being able to make positive impacts to their company branding and identity. With our help increasing the chances of your company to be seen and noticed amongst your competition, goes a very long way and gives you a better chance of potentially increasing sales.

Do More. By offering a vast range of design services, we can offer your company a total branding overhaul from start to finish, or just give your brand a bit of much needed TLC. With us being able to offer multiple services, it really does give you the option to 'go all out' with your brand and do what you can to boost your identity. With the help of 1194 Creative, we can help you Do More as a brand and help you look more professional so that you can gain more attraction from your potential customers.


Your branding is everything, so let us help you nail it...


its all


the box.

Thinking outside the box, is one of the best things that a business can do. Nowadays with so much more competition out there, many industries have grown in popularity. Which means, the demand for a quality, trusted and reliable company that people can use on a regular basis is needed by everyone. Let us help build your brand and grasp the attention of your audience and let your company be people's go to...



With Social Media being at the fingertips of everyone's devices, a quick few creative apps, a cool business name, and boom. You have yourself a brand. Or, you think you do. This is where thinking outside the box comes from as there are tonnes of people doing exactly the same thing.


Let us help you be different, be smart, be creative and professional. Let's think of new ways to attract your audience in terms of using great design and advertisement. Let's create you a proper brand, and help you blow your competition out of the park.



wrap it up.


Here at 1194 Creative, we don't just offer commercial wraps for businesses and branding purposes... We offer wraps to anyone who wants one! We are new to the wrapping game, so we are looking to take on new projects and cars to expand our portfolio.

We all love a change now and then, so why not wrap your car in a different colour or go small with a few detailing wrapping options. We offer de-chroming, window surrounds, rims, roof bars, wing mirrors and more!

Vehicle wraps are a relatively quick, easy and cost effective way to completely change the color and look or your vehicle, whilst at the same time protecting and extending the life of the paintwork underneath. There is no particular time limit as to how long a vehicle wrap last, but if it is initially installed correctly, and subsequently properly cleaned and maintained along with the rest of the exterior, then there is no reason why a vinyl wrap should not last the life of the car, or at least for the period of time you own the vehicle, if that is what you require. 

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  • Bundle packages available

  • Discount bundles

  • Any size business welcome

  • Any size projects welcome

  • New brand, or re-brand

  • Start from scratch or re-build 

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  • Three Tier Packages

  • Portfolio | Ecommerce

  • Informative | creative

  • Mobile & device optimised

  • Bespoke design

  • Fast turnaround times

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  • Charged by the hour

  • Business Cards | Flyers

  • Posters | Brochures

  • Large & Small Format Print

  • Signage & Visual Mock-Ups

  • Dedicated designer

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  • Three Tier Packages

  • Vector formatted

  • All file types supplied

  • Your own Pantone colour

  • Multiple design ideas

  • Free choice to edit designs

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  • Any vehicle & size

  • Top quality professional vinyl

  • Bespoke design included

  • Installation included

  • Any colour & design

  • Print available if needed

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1194 Creative have done a fantastic job designing my company logo, business cards, flyers and website for my home removals business. 100% recommended to anyone.


Have a business in mind?

Are you just starting out? Have a business idea but you have no branding? Haven't got a clue where to start?

Well, we are here to help! Let us know your business idea, your visions and goals and we will help you in bringing your business to life. From logos, to vehicle graphics, websites, branding and online advertising, we love to really get behind your brand and give it an identity. As a creative company, we thrive in helping your business stand out.

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